Coins For A Cure is a Non Profit Childhood Cancer Foundation that raises money for Childhood Cancer Research at The Truth 365. We also send Care Packages to children with cancer and their families. 


Shaye Haggerty and Payton McDonough are collecting donations to help cure childhood cancer. We donate to a group called The Truth 365. The Truth 365 works with a group of specialized pediatric oncologists and every penny we raise for them goes towards finding the cure to childhood cancer. We also send Coins for A Cure Care Packages to children with cancer and their families.  


Our funding goes towards the Truth 365 Foundation. The Truth 365 Foundation works with a group of specialized Pediatric Oncologists that are trying to find the cure to childhood cancer. Every penny they receive goes to Childhood Cancer Research!  Our donations also go towards funding Coins for a Cure Care Packages. Coins for a Cure Care Packages is a program that sends packages to children with cancer, and their families to try to make them happy during what can be the worst times of their lives.